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You make me cry, these suicide thoughts run through my mind, but I don’t want to die, so I turn a blind eye. 

You threaten me daily, beat me, why not to death ? Because you need someone to clear up your mess ? 

What am I to you ? Your child or just a toy ? Cause you’re playing with me, and no in ways I can enjoy. 

My heart feels ripped out, as if there’s nothing left inside, and my tears keep running, I wish I knew why. 

My thoughts are black, my face pale and smeared, I wish that I was never born, you don’t deserve a daughter like me. 

So I make mistakes, what are you, a saint ? Is your name Mrs Perfect ? Is god waiting for you at the gates ? 

You never take time, what about my feelings, you care about everyone elses but mine. 

What is it with me ? Am I not enough of a fuck up for you ? Because the rest of the family, they remind me of you. 

So you want to kick me out ? Is that the best you can do ? Get rid of one of your own, because she’s nothing like you ? 



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